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 House Rules (worth reading)

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PostSubject: House Rules (worth reading)   Tue Aug 07, 2007 11:32 am

For the Benefit all Very Happy Please be responsible my dear... Laughing

1. First of all, keep private information private. Don't share your contact details with anyone and neither should you ask for anyone's personal information. Keep yourself safe and don't invite potential stalkers into your life.

2. Avoid double-posting. You can delete your extra posts or the administrators can do that for you.

3. Don't post the same thread in different categories. And make sure your posts stay on topic. Keep your posts where they should belong so the board won't get cluttered.

4. Please avoid tYPinG LyK dIs. Sticky caps is not only hard to read but also annoying for those unfamiliar with this style. This is a message board, not a cellphone, and we don't set character limits after all. And please don't type in all caps, as this is widely recognized as shouting and as a sign of aggression.

5. Sometimes, discussions get a little heated. We would like to remind everybody that it's perfectly fine to have debates and discussions, but to stoop to name-calling and bashing is totally unnecessary. Keep your heads cool and don't create any hostility and tension in the boards.

6. Make sure that your posts have content, instead of just posting smilies.

7. Images are not allowed to be posted on this board, but simply typing the URL of the image you want to use is sufficient. (kasi babagal tong site natin pag madaming images)

We hope that you find everything in order. Smile Please be guided. cheers

.:anyone can cook. but it doesn't mean that anyone should:.
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House Rules (worth reading)
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